7 Reasons Why You Should Own A Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker

Despite being one of the best options for cooking, we are still not used to using pressure cookers on a daily basis.

The truth is that today’s technology modified the operation of the pots and they no longer emit that unbearable screech, they avoid excessive pressure accumulation and have greater safety.

So why do many people refuse to use them? Maybe because they don’t know the benefits of using a pressure cooker. If you want to improve your skills in the kitchen, save time and effort, and simplify your preparations

7 Reasons Why You Should Own A Pressure Cooker

Here are 7 why you should own a pressure cooker, according to Roasten:

1. It is healthier

Cooking with pressure cookers are healthier because retain nutrients and vitamins better than conventional pots. This is a compelling reason, especially if we take into account that what we eat has fewer nutrients.

Vitamins are found in natural foods and are essential for your metabolism. The downside is that a large part of them dissolve in water. To give you an idea of ​​the consequences this has, suffice it to say that “insufficient vitamin B9 (folic acid), B6, and B2 has been associated with the risk of colon cancer.” (Wikipedia).

A large part of vitamins dissolve in water. The solution is to cook with the least amount of water and for the shortest time possible.

In this sense, a pressure cooker is better because it cooks faster and does so with less water. The valve on a good pressure cooker does not expel almost any steam to the outside, so they need much less water. By reducing cooking times by almost half, the loss of vitamins is considerably reduced.

It is always healthier to cook in a pressure cooker than in a simple pressure cooker.

Not that the pressure cooker magically turns your plate into a healthy and nutritious dinner. But what is certain is that foods prepared in pressure cookers retain most of their nutrients, since the cooking time is shorter. In addition, being ready in less time and with less liquid, they lose less colour and flavour.

2. Comfort And Ease Of Use

A poor quality pressure cooker ends up being more uncomfortable. Many annoyances derive from the high pressure and high temperatures at which they must operate.

Some common problems of a bad pressure cooker, when opening and closing the pot:

  • The lid may get stuck in the body of the pot and you cannot open it (the pot leaked steam through the gasket and you had to press hard to close it)
  • The silicone gasket is not properly adjusted and you have to be opening and closing the pot until you finally get it adjusted.

Another section of special importance is when we want to purge the steam.

Once you have finished cooking a food, a common practice is to open it quickly so that it does not overcook  (this is important in the most tender vegetables, where a minute can make a potato just cooked or finish passing. )

When it comes to expelling steam, we can find very well thought out systems where you can regulate the amount of steam you want to come out or, on the contrary, rudimentary mechanisms that can put the kitchen at a loss when the steam comes out in a turbulent way putting the kitchen lost or being able to cause burns.

3. It Is Cheaper

Anything that helps save energy in the kitchen is welcome. The cooking time is shorter, therefore you use less energy to cook. And by using large pots, you can cook multiple foods at once, instead of using all 4 burners in your kitchen. It may seem little on a day-to-day basis, but I assure you that, at the end of the month, you will notice the difference.

4. It Is Faster

It was to be expected that a speed cooker would be able to cook food in less time than a “normal” pressure cooker. This is due to the pressure at which they are able to function.

The foundation of pressure cooking is based on the following:

  • In a normal pot, the water boils at 100ºC. From that value, the water does not increase in temperature because it simply evaporates.
  • Pressure cookers have a tight seal that prevents steam from escaping, thereby increasing the temperature of the water.
  • By increasing the temperature, the food cooks faster. (others are derived from this benefit).

Statistically speaking, the cooking time of food is reduced by 70% when using a pressure cooker – 70%! It is really significant. Think of those days when you arrive from a long day and you want nothing more than to have dinner and go to sleep. That is the perfect time to avail yourself of the benefits of the pressure cooker. Make something tasty, healthy and in no time!

5. You Avoid Suffocating Heat In The Kitchen

Think of the hottest day of the year and imagine yourself in the kitchen trying to prepare food. It’s already making me hot! Regular pots disperse heat throughout the room, while a pressure cooker preserves it as well as maintains steam. This is definitely a great reason to cook with pressure cookers.

6. You Don’t Need To Clean Too Much

What we all want! Cook rich, fast and without dirtying the entire kitchen. Whether you like it or not, when using a conventional pot, cooking oils and fats stick to walls, burners and countertops. This means that you will have to clean it later. The big difference with the pressure cooker is that it has a super secured lid that prevents splashing and, at the end of cooking, you will only have one pot to wash.

7. You Can Store Fresh Food There

It not only works as a pot, but it also serves to preserve food. Their hermetic closure design allows them to be stored for the future. Most pressure cookers come with a cooking and food preservation guide so you can do it yourself at any time.

Are you cooking with pressure cookers? If you haven’t tried it, it’s time to get over that mindless fear and enjoy its benefits. Now that you know the 6 reasons to use pressure cookers, start cooking healthier and in less time. Try it!

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